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Need a Dutch car insurance? Compare car insurance Independer

At Independer you can compare over 120 car insurance from 50 different insurers. A more complete overview cannot be found in the Netherlands. Of every insurer you find more information about their products, the latest forum posts, news and experiences of other customers.

Make a comparison and connect directly your car insurance

Would you take out insurance directly? Then compare and see what is best for you. Would you first like some more information about how to compare and take out a car insurance Independer works? Below you see the steps you must follow. 

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Step 1: Fill in your details

In the first step, enter a few details: your badge, your zip code, your date of birth and the number of claim-free years. On this basis, we will find out what your coverage is most beneficial.

Step 2: Choose the coverage of your car insurance

In the second step you choose the right coverage. Based on your entered data is recommended that coverage for your car is most beneficial. Do you have an older car? Then a liability insurance is often sufficient. In a newer car, it is wise to choose the coverage WA plus limited hull or liability plus full hull, also called all-risk. Do you find it difficult to make the right choice? Then we like to help you further by asking questions about your personal situation. In the second step you can see the catalog value, the current value and the weight of the car. Based on your data, we have already completed this for you. It is wise to have just to check. The same applies to whether or not having an LPG installation in your car. Finally, we ask you how many miles you plan to drive, at what age you obtained your license every year and whether you are entitled to a discount through your employer.

Step 3: choose the cheapest car insurance

After completing the questions in Step 1 and Step 2, there appears a top 3 car insurance. The top three is compiled based on your data and gives you the best value for money. Also, you will immediately see the main policy conditions, hundreds of reviews from customers, if you can get discounts, monthly premiums and whether or not this insurance has the Independer approvalal (keurmerk). Do you want a car insurance that is not in the list? Check the "Show all insurances' button. Below this list you can also see which insurers we have not included in the comparison. They don't want to give us their premiums and conditions. However, we show the names of the insurers, so you still get a complete overview of all providers.

Step 4: Choose any additional coverage

After you have chosen a car you can still opt for additional coverage in the fourth step. Think of a no-claim protector, an insurance for passengers or legal.

Step 5: address additional questions

In the fifth step, we ask for your address and a number of additional questions to complete. Example, we want to know if you have ever had a license suspension or you have a criminal record or past your car insurance ever been terminated by an insurer.


Step 6: After agreement directly insured

If you already have your data are completed and agreed to the terms, your car insurance agreement is valid immediately. Your car is so assured and you the road safely. You will receive a confirmation. By email on the following day you e-mail your certificate of insurance (policy) you received and after two days you get the green card.

Why a car insurance through Independer?

Save hundreds of euro's and close your car insurance through Independer. In the past year there has been a price war occurred among insurers. As a result, the premiums have fallen dramatically. Compare, choose and connect quickly the cheapest car insurance!

  • We compare for you more than 120 different car insurance
  • You get a list of the three best deals for your situation
  • You can immediately and 24 hours a day online close
  • We can often give you extra discount and thus the lowest premium offer
  • You need to fill to see. The best car insurance for your personal situation but six questions


Do you have questions about shutting down your car insurance? Please feel free to contact our customer service. One of our experts will assist you further.

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(bijv. 1234 AB)
(bijv. 15-01-1970)
Schadevrije jaren

Schadevrije jaren

Je bouwt alleen schadevrije jaren op als een auto op jouw naam is verzekerd. Schadevrije jaren geven je korting op de premie.

Elk jaar dat je geen schade claimt, bouw je 1 schadevrij jaar op. Elke keer dat je wel een schade claimt die jouw schuld is, verlies je 5 of meer jaren. Zo kan je dus zelfs een negatief aantal schadevrije jaren hebben.

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