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What is road tax?

Road tax or motor vehicle tax is the tax you pay if you own a vehicle that is less than 40 years old. You pay road tax so that the government can properly maintain the Dutch roads.

Calculating road tax: this is how it works

You calculate road tax based on your registration number. What road tax costs for your car depends on a number of factors: 

  • the weight of your car 
  • whether your car runs on diesel, electricity or petrol 
  • how environmentally polluting your car is
  • what province you live in 
The costs you pay in road tax can vary as much as 100 euros per year between regions. You can pay the Tax Authority the road tax per month or via direct debit or giro transfer.

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Road tax exemption

Fully electric cars are exempt from road tax until at least 2020. Vintage cars of over 40 years old are also exempt from road tax. For a semi-electric car, you often pay a reduced road tax rate.

Sold or scrapped car? No more road tax

Once your car is sold or scrapped, you no longer have to pay road tax. 

Selling your car 

If you sell your car to a private individual, you need to have your registration number registered to the name of the buyer at a PostNL office. You then receive a notice of release of liability. The Tax Authority will then automatically stop charging you road tax.

Suspending your car 

 If you are not going to use your car for a while, you can suspend your car’s registration number at the RDW or a PostNL office. Suspending your registration number does involve costs. As soon as you have suspended your registration number, you no longer have to pay road tax for your car.

Relocation or new car

Are you planning on buying a new car or are you moving? This has consequences to the road tax you pay. Enter your new information to calculate the height of your road tax in your new situation.

Saving on car costs

Want to pay less road tax in 2019? Then buying an electric or semi-electric car is a good idea. No plans to get a different car in 2019? Even then, you can save on your car costs. By comparing different car insurances, you will know if your car insurance still suits you. Or whether it may be more beneficial to switch to a different insurer.

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