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What is the current value?

The current value is the value of your car at this moment. That value is determined by multiple factors, such as:

  • the age of your car  
  • the mileage of your car
  • ​accessories of your car 
  • the state of maintenance 

The current value indicates the approximate cost of buying a comparable replacement car.​

Why calculate the current value?

When is it useful to calculate the current value of your car? 

Situation 1: You are selling your car

Based on the current value, you can determine the selling price of your car. The selling price does not necessarily have to be equal to the current value. 

Situation 2: Buying a different car

When buying a used car, it is useful to know what the current value of the car is. This way, you avoid paying too much. Are you buying your car from a private individual? Then you often pay the current value. If you buy your car form a garage or dealer, you always pay more than the current value, because the garage wants to profit from the sale.​

Situation 3: You have damage to your car 

Insurers also use the current value to determine what amount they will pay in the event of damage. A damage expert assesses what the car was worth before it was damaged.

Situation 4: Total loss

If your car is damaged to the point of total loss and your car does not fall under the purchase value warranty or  new-for-old warranty? Then a damage expert determines two amounts. The current value (the value of the car before the accident) and the residual value (the value of the car after the accident). Your car insurer takes both amounts into account when determining your compensation. 

Is your car older than 12 years? Then we recommend showing the damage expert how the car has been maintained. A well-maintained car is worth more than one that is poorly maintained.

''Is your car older than 12 years and have you maintained it well? Show this to the damage expert: they can assign more value to your car.''

- Rianne, car insurance expert

What is the difference between current value and catalogue value?

The catalogue value is what your car would cost new from the factory or dealer. This amount can be very different from the value of your car at this time: the current value. This is can be due to outdated technologies in your car or depreciation.

To determine what your monthly premium for your car insurance should be, the catalogue value is an important factor. 

Curious about the catalogue value of your car? At Independer, in addition to the current value of your car, you can also calculate the catalogue value

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