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Perhaps, like many people, you have one of the following questions

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“What is the current value of my car?”

The current value of your car is what your car is worth at this moment. This amount is calculated based on a number of factors. Including the age of your car and its mileage.

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“What are claim-free years?”

Claim-free years are accrued from the moment you have a car insurance in your name. The more claim-free years you have, the more premium discount you get. When claiming damage, you lose your claim-free years.

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“How can I calculate the height of the road tax?”

This can easily be done on our website. If you enter your registration number and postal code, you immediately see how much road tax you pay. The height of the road tax depends on things like the weight and fuel of your car.

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Who do we compare?

On our website, we compare over 75 car insurances from 50 car insurers. At Independer, we not only compare their prices, but also their content.

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What's in it for us?

The use of our website is entirely free for you. If you take out car insurance via our website, we receive a one-off or ongoing compensation from the car insurer for this.

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What do we do for you?

You can compare and take out car insurance via our website. We can help you with that if you want. And even after taking out insurance, you can reach us for saving tips, questions or assistance.

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Taking out car insurance in 3 steps

If you buy a car, you are required to take out a liability insurance. But you can also opt for a more extensive insurance, such as a limited or full hull insurance. In total, you can choose from 50 different car insurances, coverages and policy conditions.

We can imagine that you could use some help taking out your car insurance. We are happy to help you in 3 steps. Do you have any other questions? We are happy to help!

Step 1: comparing and taking out car insurance

Comparing your car insurance is very easy:

  • First, we ask you a number of questions. These are about things the insurer uses to determine the premium. Such as your claim-free years and the current value of your car.
  • After that, you can choose what car insurance you want: a liability insurance, liability + limited hull insurance or a liability + full hull insurance. Of course, we give you clear advice on this. 
  • Made a choice? Then you immediately see the three best deals and what car premium you pay for them. Do you want to dive a little further? Then easily compare details like the policy conditions, insurers with breakdown assistance coverage or with passenger insurance on and off. After that, you can directly take out the car insurance or first view an online quotation. 
  •  Within 10 minutes, you can drive off well-insured. That is how easy it is to compare and take out your car insurance via Independer.

Also nice: we often offer you additional discount on car insurance. Because everyone wants an inexpensive car insurance.

Please note: this is how you can find the best car insurance

We have developed the Independer Quality Mark especially for you. Do you take out a car insurance with this quality mark? Then we guarantee the lowest price with excellent service. Also in the event of damage.

Step 2: choosing coverage and supplementary insurance

The coverage of your car insurance

Are you going to compare car insurances? Then quite early on, you have to choose what coverage you want. You have three options:

  • A liability insurance. This is also called a legal liability insurance. This is the cheapest car insurance there is, but also required by law. This insurance covers the damage you cause to others with your car. Your own damage is not covered.   
  • A limited hull coverage (this is also called liability/WA plus). In addition to the coverage you get with a liability insurance, damage to your own car caused by fire, storm, theft and window breakage is also covered. Damage to your own car through your own fault is not covered.
  • An all-risk coverage (full hull coverage). This coverage covers everything the liability insurance and limited hull insurance cover, plus the damages caused by your own fault. This is the most extensive coverage you can choose.

What coverage is best for you depends on the year of construction and the value of your car (e.g. the current value). Don’t just choose the cheapest car insurance and coverage: good car insurance is more important!

Choosing supplementary car insurance

Supplementary car insurance is not mandatory. But it can sometimes be useful. Take into account that the premium of your car insurance will be higher if you add supplementary insurance. It may be harder to find cheap car insurance that way. These are the available supplementary car insurances: 

  • passenger accident insurance. This insurance compensates a fixed amount if someone becomes disabled or dies due to an accident. The passenger insurance applies to everyone who is in the car at that moment.
  • passenger damage insurance. This passenger insurance covers the damage the driver and/or passengers suffer from an accident. This can sometimes be personal injury, or it can be damage to baggage or clothing. The amount that is reimbursed is equal to the amount of the damage.
  • legal insurance. You use this insurance for legal advice and expert legal assistance if you, for instance, have a conflict surrounding car damage or personal injury. 

Looking for more information about car insurance? View the product guides that have been compiled by the Dutch Association of Insurers.

Step 3: taking out car insurance and cancelling the old one

Are you going to compare your car insurance via Independer? Then you can often also directly take it out. You will receive a confirmation mail from us, so that you immediately know whether you have been accepted for the car insurance and can go out onto the road with peace of mind.

Not immediately accepted?

Unfortunately, in some cases, you are not immediately accepted. This can be the case if you have been involved in many damages or had a cancellation with a previous car insurer. The insurer then has to approve your application. In the meantime, we sometimes give you provisional coverage. That means you are not definitively accepted yet, but you are allowed to drive the car. In other cases, it is necessary for an acceptant to look at your request, and you are not yet allowed to drive the car.

Need help cancelling your car insurance?

Did you already have car insurance and are you switching to a new one? Cancelling your old car insurance is easy. We are happy to help you with that. If you want us to, you can indicate that with your request. You will then receive a link from us that allows you to easily create a cancellation letter. Next, all you have to do is send it to your old insurer or intermediary.

Need help with your car insurance? Useful tips

We understand that taking out good and affordable car insurance is not always easy. Perhaps you are in a particular situation or have a special car. Or perhaps you want some more information first, for instance about the road tax (motor vehicle tax) or current value. To make this easier for you, we have collected all info for you and developed convenient tools. Feel free to have a look.

Useful information 

Do you want to insure an unusual or special car? Then “regular” car insurance is not always the best choice for you. 

  • do you want to insure an electric car?
  • do you have a special car such as a vintage car, hybrid car or a lease car?
  • do you want to insure a business car? Such as a delivery van? Even delivery van insurance can be taken out at Independer!

Useful tools

If you want to have a better idea of the current state of your car or the car you are about to buy, you may want to know a bit more first. Check out these useful tools. 

  • Calculate current value of car 
    Everyone sometimes wonders: what is my car worth? If you want to know what the value of your car is, you can use our tool to easily calculate the current value. This way, you immediately know what your car is currently worth. A current value is also an important factor in the calculation of the premium for insurers.
  • Calculate road tax
    The road tax is an important cost item. Want to know what you will be paying for your car? With our tool, you can quickly calculate what this will cost you. 
  • Calculate catalogue value
    At Independer, in addition to the current value of your car, you can also calculate the catalogue value. The catalogue value is the value of the car when it was sold for the first time. 

  • Calculate claim-free years
    When you compare car insurances and want to switch, the insurer wants to know how many claim-free years you have. Through our claim-free years calculation tool, you immediately get an indication. 

  • Car damage: claim it or pay yourself?
    It is not always advantageous to claim car damage with your insurer, because you lose claim-free years and your premium increases. Our tool advises you on what is the best option in your situation.

Free Independer PlusPackage with your car insurance

For whom? 

Everyone who takes our car insurance through Independer receives the free Independer PlusPackage from us. 

What do I get?

  • yearchecker
  • free theft coverage or additional healthcare coverage after a car accident   
  • damage claim service 
  • switching service 

​What does it bring me?

Yearchecker. Are you taking out car insurance from one of these car insurers? Then we check annually whether you don’t pay too much for your car insurance: 

  •  Allsecur 
  •  ASR  
  •  Delta Lloyd 
  •  Reaal 
  •  Roxo 

Damage claim service. Do you have liability insurance or limited hull insurance? Then we make sure your damage is compensated when you get hit by someone. With an all-risk insurance, your insurer takes care of this.

Free theft coverage. Is your car stolen? With a liability insurance, you are not insured against theft. That is why we offer free theft coverage with every liability insurance. That way, you are insured for theft anyway. At the moment of taking out your insurance, your car can have a maximum current value of 7500 euros.

Switching service. Do you want to switch car insurances? We take care of your switch, you don’t have to do anything.

Additional healthcare coverage after a car accident. We cover the healthcare costs the driver of the car incurs after an accident. You may also claim the costs for physical therapy or aids (such as a walker). Up to 400 euros per event. This service applies if you take out a limited hull or full hull car insurance through Independer.

Cheap car insurance? This is important

Many people look for the cheapest car insurance, but is that all that clever? After all, cheap car insurance is not necessarily the best. And, unfortunately, you do not notice that until you suffer damage.

How do I find the cheapest car insurance? 

The best car insurance is not always the cheapest car insurance: quality is just as important. Besides, there is no such thing as THE cheapest car insurance. Because the premium differs for everyone per insurer. An insurer determines the premium for car insurance based on factors such as your place of residence, age, car make, etc. This involves factors that may be an indication of any damage that could occur. That differs per person, and so, the premium differs.  Do not forget that there are also additional costs such as road tax.

Our advice? Compare your car insurance so that you are sure you have an overview of the entire market. This way, you know that you have found the cheapest car insurance for your situation and wishes.

Questions about your car insurance? We are happy to help you!

Do you have a difficult question or would you simply rather talk to one of our car insurance experts? You can: call, text or e-mail us, and we will be happy to help you! Please contact our customer service or view the most frequently asked questions about car insurance online.

Tools bij Independer

Independer doet meer dan alleen je autoverzekering vergelijken en afsluiten. Omdat we begrijpen dat er soms meer bij komt kijken, hebben we verschillende tools ontwikkeld.

  • dagwaarde berekenen
  • cataloguswaarde berekenen
  • wegenbelasting berekenen
  • autoverzekering met verhoogd eigen risico
  • bestelautoverzekering
  • hulp bij schade

Jaarchecker autoverzekering

Sluit je een autoverzekering met Jaarchecker af? Dan checken wij ieder jaar of je nog wel goed zit bij je huidige verzekeraar. Want in een jaar kan er veel zijn veranderd. Misschien heb je schade gehad of een andere auto gekocht. Met de Jaarchecker bekijken wij of je nog wel goed en voordelig verzekerd bent. Daarbij letten we op de premie, de voorwaarden, het eigen risico en de klantwaardering. En misschien is er wel een autoverzekering die qua premie en kwaliteit beter is dan je huidige auto verzekering. De Jaarchecker krijg je ieder jaar van ons per e-mail. Ga je een autoverzekering vergelijken via onze website? Dan zie je direct bij welke verzekeringen je de gratis Jaarchecker krijgt.

Independer Keurmerk autoverzekering

Het Independer Keurmerk is een kwaliteitskenmerk voor autoverzekeringen. Onze experts hebben alle autoverzekeringen op een groot aantal punten nauwkeurig voor je gecheckt. Alleen de autoverzekeringen die aan al onze eisen voldoen, krijgen het Independer Keurmerk. Je kunt dan rekenen op goede polisvoorwaarden, goede service en duidelijkheid. Zo maken wij het vergelijken van een autoverzekering nog gemakkelijk voor je.

Niet goed, geld terug

Sluit je een autoverzekering af via Independer, dan heb je altijd 14 dagen bedenktijd. Dit houdt in dat je de autoverzekering binnen 14 dagen na het afsluiten alsnog kunt afzeggen. Je krijgt de premie die je al hebt betaald helemaal terug. Tenzij je schade hebt gehad, natuurlijk.

Vergelijken op prijs en kwaliteit

Al meer dan 15 jaar geven bezoekers op onze website aan wat hun wensen zijn. Daardoor weten wij wat klanten belangrijk vinden: een goede autoverzekering voor een goede prijs. Independer vergelijkt daarom verzekeringen op prijs én kwaliteit.

Na het invullen van een aantal gegevens laten we je zien welke auto verzekering voor jou de beste prijs-kwaliteitverhouding heeft en welke je direct bij ons kunt afsluiten. En hebben we geen samenwerking met een verzekeraar die wel de beste prijs en kwaliteit voor jou biedt? Dan laten we hem toch aan je zien. We laten je namelijk graag een volledig en objectief overzicht zien.

We doen meer dan vergelijken en afsluiten

We doen veel meer dan alleen je autoverzekering vergelijken en afsluiten. Iedere dag zetten meer dan 50 experts zich in om jou zo goed mogelijk te helpen aan de telefoon en via e-mail. En ook na het afsluiten van een autoverzekering staan we voor je klaar. Bijvoorbeeld als je schade hebt. Onze klanten waarderen onze inzet. Want de helft van onze klanten geeft ons een 9 of een 10, nadat ze een autoverzekering via Independer hebben afgesloten. Daar zijn we trots op! 

De Independer Schadeclaim Service

Alle klanten van Independer kunnen gratis gebruikmaken van de Independer Schadeclaim Service. Wij claimen namens jou de kosten die voortkomen uit autoschade. Denk hierbij aan de kosten die nodig zijn om je auto te herstellen, maar bijvoorbeeld ook de ziekenhuiskosten omdat je lichamelijk letsel hebt opgelopen. En als je auto niet meer rijdt of in de garage staat, is het fijn als je toch kunt verder rijden. Daarom zorgen we dat maar liefst 75% van de kosten van het vervangend vervoer worden vergoed.Wil je gebruikmaken van de Independer Schadeclaim Service? Dan maakt het niet uit welke autoverzekering je hebt. Het is wel belangrijk dat een ander deze schade heeft veroorzaakt, er moet dus een aansprakelijke tegenpartij zijn.

Eigen klantenservice autoverzekering

Independer vindt het belangrijk dat je goed advies krijgt bij je autoverzekering vergelijken en afsluiten. Daarom hebben we al onze experts (en dat zijn er meer dan 50) zelf opgeleid. Heb je een vraag of heb je hulp nodig bij het afsluiten van je autoverzekering dan krijg je altijd iemand van onze eigen klantenservice aan de telefoon.

Independer gebruikt cookies

Independer gebruikt cookies en vergelijkbare technieken om de website te verbeteren en je relevante advertenties te kunnen laten zien. De partijen waarmee we samenwerken kunnen dan zien dat je onze website hebt bezocht. Meer informatie vind je in ons cookiebeleid.