I just arrived in Holland: what do I need to do?

Are you coming to work or live here? Then you are obligated to have a Dutch health insurance. But how does it work? What are the first steps you need to take?

What are the first steps?

When you registered in Holland you have four months to apply for a health insurance. If you apply within those four months the start date of the insurance will always be the day you registered. The reason for this is that you are obligated to have an insurance and you cannot be uninsured. But is also means that you have to pay your premium since the day you registered.

For example: you register yourself in Holland on the 1e of May . Three months after you register, on the 1e of August, you apply for a health insurance. The start date of your insurance will be the 1e of May and you will also have to pay premium for May, June and July.

Insurance company needs proof

It is possible that the insurance company needs proof that you are obligated to have a health insurance. They need to know for sure that you work or live here. When you apply for an insurance the insurance company can ask you for the following things:

  • A copy of your passport.
  • A copy of your residence permit.
  • A copy of your labor agreement (work contract).

If you come here with your family they also need to send this information.

You applied: and now?

When you have applied for the health insurance all you need to do is wait for the policy. The insurance companies need about two weeks to process your apply and send you the policy. Do you need medical care right away? That is possible. You can go to the GPhospital and dentist.

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