Discount with annual payment

If you opt for annual payment, you may receive a discount from the insurer. If you compare Independer search results based on the prices of the annual premium, the discount per insurer is automatically included. With annual payment, the premium is paid in total for one year. As a result, the health insurance company has less administrative work and the benefit for you is a discount. This discount can be as much as 2% off the yearly price for your health insurance. The table below shows how much discount each health insurer offers for annual payment.

Tip: In our comparison tool, we always show the monthly premium. But with most insurers you can also pay annually. Want to compare prices for annual payment? You can select this filter in the search result.

Annual payment discount per health care insurer

In the following table you will see all the discount Independer can offer you or you can receive by choosing an annual payment.