Own risk health insurance

If you have a health insurance you also have an 'own risk'. This is the amount you have to pay yourself before the insurance company covers the medical costs. The own risk only applies for the basic insurance. There are two kinds of 'own risks': the obligated own risk and the voluntary own risk.

Obligated own risk

The basic healthcare insurance package includes an own risk for everyone aged 18 or older. This is the amount you have to pay yourself when you need medical care that is covered by the basis insurance. The own risk exists because it makes you more consencious when you are making a health care claim. Also it saves the insurancecompany money. The obligated own risk changes every year. For 2020 it is € 385,-. In other words, you will pay the first €385 of the costs of the healthcare you receive in 2020.

Voluntary own risk

Besides the obligated own risk, you can also decide to add a voluntary own risk of €100, €200, €300, €400 or €500. This amount will be added to the obligated own risk of € 385,- (2019). If you decide to do this, the premium of the basic healthcare insurance will be lower. How much the premium of your basic healthcare insurance will be lower is different per healthcare insurer. The question you need to ask yourself is: can you afford to pay that amount at onces? If you can do that and you are healthy, increasing your own risk could save you a lot of money.

Own risk exclusions

The own risk does not apply for the following medical care:

  • Persons younger than 18 years (including dental coverage).
  • GP services.
  • Obstetric and maternity care.
  • Medical care covered by the additional insurance.
  • Periodic check-ups of donors.
  • Devices for home care.
  • Chain care, where different health care providers work together – for example treatment of diabetes.​
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