What is the health care premium?

The health care premium is the amount you pay for your health care insurance. You can pay the health care premium on a monthly basis, or for the whole year at once. The amount of the health care premium differs per health insurance company. The health care premium is known in Dutch as zorgpremie or premie zorgverzekering.

Cheap health insurance

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Health insurance premium

The cost of health insurance varies from person to person and depends on the health care needs. As basic insurance you have an in-kind policy (naturapolis) and a restitution policy (restitutiepolis). With an in-kind policy you will only be reimbursed for health care provided by health care providers contracted with your health insurance company. With a restitution policy you can go anywhere, but you will pay a higher premium.

Discounts on health insurance premiums

Independer has negotiated attractive discounts from many large insurers. Our large purchasing power makes these discounts possible, which we can pass on to you individually. The amount of the discount varies per health insurer.

For many people, the premium is the main reason for switching to another health insurer. However, the premium is not the most important aspect of your health insurance. It is much more important that your insurance fits your needs. Have you found the best insurance? Then it's a nice bonus if you also get a discount.

How much does health insurance cost per month?

Everyone in the Netherlands who is 18 years of age or older is obliged to take out health insurance. You are obliged to take out at least a basic insurance policy. You pay a premium for your health insurance. This premium differs per insurer. For an in-kind policy, the premium varies between € 115 and € 128 per month. For a restitution insurance the premium varies from € 116 to € 143 per month (in 2022). You can take out a basic insurance with every insurer and you will not pay extra if, for example, you are old or ill. Also, a health insurer is not allowed to refuse you when you take out a basic insurance with them, regardless of your situation. Do you pay your health care premium not monthly, but annually? Then the premium is often discounted.

Monthly or annual payment

The premium for health insurance can be paid monthly or annually. Most people opt for a monthly payment. Each month, the health insurer will then debit the health care premium from your nominated bank account. It is also possible to pay the yearly total of the premium in one payment. Health insurance companies may offer a discount on the premium if paid up-front yearly, in full.

Discount with annual payment

If you opt for annual payment, you may receive a discount from the insurer. If you compare Independer search results based on the prices of the annual premium, the discount per insurer is automatically included. With annual payment, the premium is paid in total for one year. As a result, the health insurance company has less administrative work and the benefit for you is a discount. This discount can be as much as 2% off the yearly price for your health insurance. 

Tip: In our comparison tool, we always show the monthly premium. But with most insurers you can also pay annually. Want to compare prices for annual payment? You can select this filter in the search result.

Why does the health care premium increase every year?

There are a few reasons why health care premiums go up:

  • ​The aged population is growing, and more care is therefore needed 
  • Newer and better treatments and drugs are becoming available, but they are also more expensive 
  • Increases in health care sector wages

When are the new health care premiums announced?

Every year, health insurers announce the premiums for the following year on 12 November at the latest. This date is legally binding.

Health care premiums 2022 - complete Independer overview