From an EU/EEA country

As an international student, are you legally insured in the EU/EEA country where you’re from? If so, you can register with CZ Zorgverzekeringen. You need an E106 form to do this. You can get this form from your health insurer in your home country. This form entitles you to medical care in the Netherlands under the AWBZ (general law on exceptional medical expenses) and the Health Insurance Act. What happens if you return (temporarily) to the country where you’re insured? You're still entitled to medical care there as well. The telephone number of CZ Zorgverzekeringen is (046) 459 58 12. Want more info? Go to the National Health Care Institute website.

From outside the EU/EEA

You’re not from an EU/EEA country and you’re staying in the Netherlands? You are entitled to healthcare if you are from a reciprocal country (e.g. Australia). In other cases you’re not entitled to health insurance. Not even if you have a residence permit that says you’re a student. However, it’s possible to take out temporary insurance on a voluntary basis. Oom Verzekeringen, for example, offers insurance for Schengen visitors. This is for anyone who isn’t eligible for Dutch health insurance but wants to insure themselves against possible health care costs.

Study and work

Are you going to combine work with study? Then you must have Dutch health insurance.