Different health insurers

There are many health insurers in the Netherlands. These insurers have different products and profiles, so there are more than 900 different insurance policies to choose from. With this many choices it’s sometimes difficult to choose an insurance policy. That’s why with Independer, you’ll easily compare and find the best health insurance policy for you.

Buying and cancelling health insurance

Every year, health insurance companies may change the coverage and costs of their policies. Sometimes the Dutch government also makes changes that affect the coverage of the basic insurance. You can also change your insurance policy every year. So it’s wise to check every year whether your health insurance still suits you.


The basic insurance covers a range of medical care, medicine and hospital stays. Do you need extra care, such as dentistry or physiotherapy? Then you can take out supplemental insurance. You pay more premium for supplemental insurance on top of the costs for your basic insurance.

Health insurance costs

The compulsory basic insurance costs approximately € 100 per month. The cost of supplemental insurance adds on between € 2 to € 150 per month depending on the policy coverage.

A deductible or excess also applies to health care costs under the basic insurance. This is € 385 in 2021. The deductible is a contribution you pay when you need care covered by the basic insurance. In other words, in 2021 you’ll pay the first EUR 385 of your health care costs from that year yourself. You can also choose to voluntarily increase the deductible.