Is supplemental insurance useful?

Do you often make use of care that is not, or barely compensated by the basic insurance? You can take out supplemental health insurance for this. This can cover costs for the dentist or physiotherapist, for example. Check in advance whether the reimbursements are in proportion to the extra premium you pay for supplemental insurance. Sometimes you ultimately pay more in premiums than you are reimbursed for. For example: You go to the dentist twice a year for check-ups. If there are no complications, you will pay approximately € 25 per visit. Supplemental dental insurance can easily cost € 10 per month. This is € 120,- per year, much more than the cost of the visits to the dentists.

Types of supplemental insurance

The dentist 

Many people have supplemental insurance for the dentist. For adults, the basic health insurance reimburses a very restricted range of health care. Only if you have serious disorders or abnormalities or if you have a physical or mental condition, are dental expenses reimbursed from the basic insurance. This is determined by the insurer. Are you expecting expenses for the dentist that you cannot pay yourself? Supplemental insurance is then a good idea.


The basic insurance reimburses physiotherapy only if you have a chronic disorder. This condition should then appear on the list of chronic disorders covered under the basic insurance that is established by the government (Lijst Borst). Is this not the case for you, but do you still want to see the physiotherapist? Then you have to pay the costs yourself. Fortunately, you can take out additional insurance for this.

Glasses and lenses

Glasses and lenses can unfortunately be expensive. Supplemental insurance for this may seem like a good idea. But unfortunately this is a supplemental insurance for which you often pay more premium than you are reimbursed for.

Pregnancy and birth

Are you expecting a baby? Take this into account when choosing a health insurance policy. The basic insurance reimburses many costs associated with pregnancy and birth. However, birth in the hospital without a medical indication is not covered by the basic insurance. You would pay for these costs yourself if you choose for a hospital birth. However, supplemental insurance does reimburse the costs of a hospital birth without medical indication.

Do you want a health insurance with a high coverage? Sometimes there is a medical acceptance policy that applies. Under the law, an insurer may refuse you supplemental insurance.

Cancelling supplemental health insurance

Every year from mid-November to December, you can switch to a different health insurer. For example: If you want a different supplemental insurance. If you switch before 31 December, your old supplemental insurance (together with your basic insurance) will automatically be cancelled by your insurer. Would you like more time to think about it? Then you can cancel your insurance before 31 December. You then must choose your new policy before February 1.

There are situations in which you can terminate your insurance prematurely. Read more here.