What does the basic insurance cover?

The basic health insurance reimburses the most important care. For example, a visit to the general practitioner (GP), ambulance transport, hospital care and medicines. In addition to this:

  • Dental care up to 18 years of age
  • Maternity and obstetric care
  • Physiotherapy: Up to 18 years of age and for chronic conditions
  • Medications
  • Psychological help 
  • Community nursing
  • Pharmacy costs​

The basic health insurance reimburses the most important care. Would you like to be insured for more than just the care covered under the basic insurance? For example, for the physiotherapist or the dentist? If so, you can take out supplementary insurance. 

What are the different kinds of basic insurance policies?

Every basic health insurance reimburses the same care, but there can be a difference in the number of affiliated care providers. You can choose from a restitutiepolis (restitution policy), naturapolis (in-kind policy), combinatiepolis (combination policy), or naturaverzekering budget (in-kind budget policy).

What does basic insurance cost?

Although every basic insurance policy offers the same reimbursements, premiums can differ by up to a few hundred euros per year. This is because each insurer individually determines the level of the premium. But the price differs also because there are different types of basic insurance. For example, restitution insurance is more expensive than naturaverzekering. So doing your research to compare policies pays off.

What is the cheapest basic insurance in 2022?

The premiums of basic insurances vary greatly. The cheapest basic insurance you can buy at Independer this year is ZieZo Selectief from Zilveren Kruis. This costs € 108,25 per month in 2022. Please note: this is a naturaverzekering budget, which means that you will only be reimbursed for all healthcare costs at selected hospitals. Another affordable basic insurance is the naturapolis from FBTO Basis. You will pay €110,95 per month for this insurance.

Contracted care

Do you need care? Then you can go to any hospital in the Netherlands. If you have a naturapolis or naturaverzekering budget insurance, unfortunately not all costs will be reimbursed at every hospital. This is due to the contracts that your health insurer has signed with specific healthcare providers.

Basic health insurance and deductible

Every Dutch person aged 18 and over has a compulsory eigen risico (literally meaning ‘own risk’). This is the deductible or compulsory excess you must pay yourself before the basic insurance will reimburse your costs. In 2022 your deductible is €385. The deductible does not apply to:

  • Children under 18 years of age;
  • Costs for the general practitioner (GP);
  • Costs for obstetric care and maternity care;
  • Facilities on loan for home care;
  • Follow-up care for living organ donors (kidney or liver transplant);
  • Integrated care (care in which different healthcare providers work together, for example in the case of diabetes treatment);
  • Community nursing.​

The deductible does not apply to hospital and psychologist care. There may also be an own contribution. Read more about the deductible

Why is the start date of my policy different from the one I entered?

Good to know: Upon arrival in the Netherlands, you must register at the gemeentehuis (town hall). From that date onwards, you will be obliged to have Dutch health insurance. The Dutch government gives you four months to apply for health insurance. If you do this within four months, then the commencement date of the insurance is the date when you registered at the town hall. In this way, you have not been uninsured, and you won’t receive a fine. If you do this after the four month period, then the commencement date of the insurance will start on the day that you registered with the insurance company. You are then not insured from the date of registration with the town hall and may be fined for this.