Transfering claim-free years from abroad 

Have you lived and/or worked abroad and did you have car insurance there? Then you have probably accrued claim-free years. Of course, you would like to take those claim-free years with you when you move to the Netherlands so that you do not lose your premium discount. Fortunately, that is often possible.

Demonstrating foreign claim-free years

Dutch insurers can only check the claim-free years you have accrued in the Netherlands. This is done via the national Roy data database. This does not contain claim-free years you have accrued abroad. However, you can ask your foreign insurer for a written statement that contains your claim-free years. The foreign car insurance needs to have ended for this to be possible.

Conditions of car insurers

A foreign statement is accepted by most Dutch insurers, but conditions vary. For instance, some insurers simply take over the number of claim-free years, while others only provide additional discount.

There are also insurers who only take over claim-free years from a limited number of countries, for instance only from Germany, Belgium or France. In any case, make sure you have the original statement and that it is in English. A German statement is sometimes also accepted.

‘’Does the insurer set conditions you do not meet? Inquire about the possibilities anyway. It is often possible to still take part of the discount you have accrued abroad to the Netherlands.’’

- Rianne, car insurance expert

Rating after sending in statement

Only after you have sent in the statement, the insurer will decide whether the claim-free years are taken over. They first want to see what country the statement is from, what type of document it is, whether you have sent the original document and whether the statement comes from the foreign insurer or from a different party. Based on this statement, the insurer assesses whether the claim-free years are taken over or whether you receive additional discount.

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