What changes when you turn 18?

Are you under 18? Then you’re insured through your parents' health insurance. After you turn 18, a few things will change:

  • ​You must have your own health insurance. 
  • The basic insurance won’t cover dental costs anymore. 
  • You’ll pay a premium for your health insurance. 
  • You’ll pay a deductible for reimbursements covered by the basic insurance. 
  • You can apply for a health care allowance

Turning 18 and health insurance: When do I need it?

When you turn 18, you’ll have to have your own health insurance. This is compulsory from the first day of the month after your 18th birthday. For example, if you turn 18 on March 5, you'll need to have your own insurance from April 1. You’ll also have to cancel the health insurance that you had through your parents.

Turning 18 and changing insurance: How do I do this?

You can continue with the same type of health insurance that your parents had. But you could find better in our comparison. For example a cheaper premium or with better coverage than the one you have now.

Normally, you can only change health insurance on January 1 each year. Changing at any other time of the year is possible only in a few circumstances. Turning 18 is one of them. The primary policy holder (your parent or guardian) can terminate your health insurance before you turn 18. This can be done to take effect from the first day of the month following your birthday. For example, if your birthday is on February 16, the old insurance can end on March 1. You need to arrange this at least one month in advance.

It’s simple. Just call your insurance company to ask them to deregister you. You then take out a new health insurance policy that starts in the month after your 18th birthday. This can be with the same health insurer, but it doesn’t need to be. You don't have to worry about being uninsured because your old insurance will remain effective until the new one starts.

Note: Do you plan to change health insurance when you turn 18? Then you have exactly one month after your 18th birthday to take out a new health insurance policy.

Do you need supplemental insurance after you turn 18?

When you turn 18, you don’t always need supplemental health insurance. It’s completely optional. Supplemental insurance covers different things, such as physiotherapy. It depends on the insurance company and differences in the policies. Do you hardly need health care from supplemental insurance coverage? Then maybe it's not necessary for you.

Increasing your deductible: A good idea or not?

Do you use care covered by the basic insurance? Then you have to pay the deductible. It’s an amount you have to pay before you begin to get health care costs reimbursed. In 2022 the compulsory deductible is € 385. You can also choose to increase the deductible to a maximum of € 885. The GP remains cost-free, as GP care doesn’t fall under the deductible. But what if you need to go to hospital? Then there’s a good chance you’ll end up paying more because of the increased deductible.

Comparing health insurance

Comparing health insurance policies saves you a lot of time and money. Just enter your requirements, and you’ll immediately see the top three health insurance policies for you. You can sign up straight away through the Independer website. And you’ll also get free dental accident insurance as a bonus! Are you a student? Check out the special health insurance policies for students.

Questions? Contact our customer service. They’re ready to help at (035) 626 55 44.

Is there special health insurance for students?

Health insurance companies often offer health insurance policies specially for students. These include reimbursements for health care that students commonly need. Sometimes, there’s also a discount offered to students.

Turning 18: Applying for the health care allowance

From your 18th birthday onwards, you’ll have your own health insurance. From that moment on, you may be entitled to receive a health care allowance depending on your income. This allowance is to help compensate for the cost of health insurance. Curious to see if you qualify? Do the check on the Belastingdienst (Tax Office) website. You can also read more about applying for the health care allowance.

Contraception: What does the basic insurance cover?

Whether contraception is reimbursed depends on how old you are. See the table below:

Under 18 years Contraception costs are covered by the basic insurance. You don’t pay any deductible.
18 - 20 years Contraception costs are covered by the basic insurance. You do pay the deductible.
21 years or older Contraception costs are not reimbursed by the basic insurance, unless it’s for the management of anemia. You can choose to take out supplemental insurance to cover contraception.

I’m 18: Should I take out dental insurance?

How often do you need to go to the dentist? The answer to this can help you decide whether you need dental insurance. Do you go for a checkup just once a year? Then paying for the dentist yourself is cheaper than insuring it. Do the comparisons and make up your own mind what’s best for you.

What about health care costs when travelling?

With the basic insurance you’re also insured for urgent medical assistance when travelling internationally.

Love sports? Need a physiotherapist?

Do you play a lot of sports? You may need a physiotherapist every now and again. If so, consider a health insurance policy that has good supplemental coverage for physiotherapy. Note: Think carefully about how many treatments you might need. Supplemental insurance is only an advantage if you need a physiotherapist regularly.