18 years old? These are the changes to your health insurance

1. You will have your own health insurance policy

When you turn 18, you can have your own health insurance policy. This can be done within one month after your 18th birthday. The effective date is always the first day of the month following your birthday. You have to cancel the health insurance that you had through your parents. What happens if you don’t do anything? Then you will still remain insured through your parents or guardians.

2. You have to pay health care premiums

Are you under 18? Then you are co-insured with your parents free of charge. After you turn 18, having your own health insurance is mandatory. This means that you will also be paying healthcare premiums. This is mandatory from the 1st day of the month after you turn 18.

3. You pay the deductible

Do you use healthcare that is covered by the basic insurance? Then you have to pay the deductible. You can choose to increase your deductible, if necessary. This results in a reduced premium. Want to know if you should increase your deductible? Check out our decision tree.

Note: Do your parents have an increased deductible? And will you remain on their policy after you turn 18? Then it's good to realize that your deductible will be set at the standard amount of 385. Are you in good health and not expecting healthcare expenses? Then you can save more than €300 by increasing your deductible. But if you do nothing, you will miss out on these savings. Even if your parents have raised their deductible (and receive this discount for themselves).

4. Dental expenses are no longer reimbursed

From the age of 18, dental expenses are no longer reimbursed. You can have choose to pay for supplemental dental insurance. Whether dental insurance is beneficial for you depends on how often you need to go to the dentist. Do you go for a checkup just once a year? Then paying for the dentist yourself is cheaper than insuring it. Consider what the best option is for you.

5. You can apply for the healthcare benefit

From your 18th birthday, you will pay your own health insurance premium. From that moment on, you may also be entitled to receive the healthcare benefit. This benefit helps to compensate the cost of health insurance. Wondering how much you can get? Do the check on the Belastingdienst (Tax Administration) website.

How does switching work?

1. Search for better health insurance

You can continue with the same type of health insurance that your parents had. But you could find better in our comparison. For example, a cheaper health insurance policy, or one with better coverage than the health insurance you have now.

2. Cancel your current insurance

Normally, you can only change health insurance on January 1 each year. Changing at any other time of the year is possible only in a few circumstances. Turning 18 is one of them. The primary policy holder (your parent or guardian) can terminate your health insurance.

3. Sign up for new health insurance

Then sign up for a new health insurance policy that starts in the month after your 18th birthday. This can be with the same or a different health insurer. You don't have to worry about being uninsured because your old insurance will remain effective until the new one starts.

Note: Do you plan to change health insurance when you turn 18? You can already apply for new health insurance from one month before you turn 18, until 1 month after your birthday. The effective date is always the first day of the month following your birthday.

18 years old? Save money! Pay €300 less for your health insurance

What do 18-year-olds who chose their own health insurance pay on average? How does that compare with what their parents pay? In an Independer survey, the difference was €318 euros on average. Had these 18-year-olds not changed their insurance and remained co-insured on their parents' policy, they would have paid an average of €318 more. A pretty good saving!

What happens if you don’t do anything?

Not changing anything? Then you will still remain insured through your parents or guardians. You then get the same policy they have. And you pay the healthcare premiums starting from when you turn 18. But your deductible will be set to €385, even if your parents have a higher voluntary deductible.

Note: Do your parents have comprehensive coverage? Then you will probably pay more than is necessary. So check carefully to make sure your insurance policy fits your personal needs. 

Note: Reimbursements

Contraception reimbursement

Whether contraception is reimbursed depends on your age. See the table below:

Under 18 years Contraception costs are covered by the basic insurance. You do not pay the deductible.
Between 18 - 20 years Contraception costs are covered by basic insurance. You do pay the deductible.
21 years or older Contraception costs are not reimbursed by the basic insurance, unless used in the management of anemia. You can choose to take out supplemental insurance to cover contraception.

Reimbursement of healthcare expenses abroad

With the basic insurance you are also insured for urgent medical assistance when travelling internationally. We've put together an overview of everything you need to know about healthcare costs abroad. Read it here.

Are you going to live, work, intern or study abroad? Read here about what to consider. 

Physiotherapy reimbursement

Do you play a lot of sports? You may need a physiotherapist every now and again. If so, consider a health insurance policy that has good supplemental coverage for physiotherapy. Note: Think carefully about how many treatments you might need. Supplemental insurance is only an advantage if you need a physiotherapist regularly. Read more here about the reimbursement of physiotherapy from 18 years.

18 years old: Comparing health insurance

Comparing health insurance policies will save you a lot of time and money: enter your requirements and you get the top 3 health insurance policies for you. You can even apply straight away through the Independer website. As an extra you’ll also get free dental accident insurance. Are you a student? Check out the special health insurance policies for students.

Health insurance companies often offer health insurance policies specially for students. These include reimbursements for healthcare that students commonly need. An extra student discount is also sometimes offered.